Factors you should know before buying a health insurance.


Factors you should know before buying a health insurance: Buying a health insurance is a good advice for everyone as health insurance policy will help you in your hard time.everyone should consider buying a health insurance for him.As you are reading this article so I am assuming that you have already decided to buy a health insurance for yourself or for your family.

If you have searched on the internet for an health insurance then now you came to know that most of the policies have different premium.so today I am telling you about on which factors do your health insurance depends.generally, insurance companies see the historical data of the person then decides the premium of the person.when they see your data then they will observe these factors which I am going to discuss with you.

physical and medical risk factors

1.BMI(body mass index)

BMI of the person is the major factor on which the premium of your insurance depends.generally, the person having high BMI will have to pay a large amount for his premium.As these type of people are more cautious to diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and joint pains.so if you have high BMI then this may happen that insurance company will make you pay the high premium for your policy.

2.use of tobacco

The person who takes health cautious items like tobacco, cigarettes and other harmful substance will need to pay the high amount of premium to their insurance company as the use of these items may cause cancer.now insurance company has also started to penalize those users who have quitted the use of tobacco.as according to studies person who has used tobacco in his life has the higher risk of cancer or other ailments even if they never use tobacco again.

some insurance companies offer special plans for such users that if you quit using tobacco then the company will give you high coverage of their plans.

3.Gender of the policyholder

This looks weird that insurance company considers this factor while deciding premium of the policy but it is true that women’s have to pay the higher premium for their insurance plans than the man.Now I will tell you the reason why women have to pay the high premium.This is because of three reasons: women’s are more likely to visit doctors than man, take prescriptions, be subject to a certain chronic disease.Those companies that offer maternity insurance for women’s knows that on average delivery costs 13000$ which is the contributing factor of the high premium for women’s.

4.Age of the person

This is the general factor which is known to all that the younger the person, lower the premium and aged the person higher will be the premium.This is because young people are safer from diseases than old people and they also have a few health-related problems but these types of people are more cautious to accidents and injuries as they are more active in the life when compared to the aged persons but this is not considered much as this is the main risk for which people buy health insurance.

5.past health-related problems

Insurance companies know that previous health problems can arise at any time so the person who has suffered from a disease will have to pay the high premium for his insurance policy.some insurance companies even don’t sell insurance to the person who has suffered from a very severe disease.as they consider that policyholder will be more likely to have issues related to health-related problems.

6.family history of the policyholder.

For the policyholders who have a person who has suffered from a serious disease will have to pay the high premium for his policy than the person who does not have a person with a serious disease.for example, a person with having cancer in his family record will pay the high premium.

Lifestyle and personal risk factors


Insurance companies decide high premium for those users who do a job in which they are exposed to harmful chemicals or radiation and a person who works in jobs which have high injury rates.There is also a trend to charge the high premium to those people who have a job of sitting in one place or doing the same work as these types of person have a high risk of cardiovascular disease.A person who does international visit will also pay the high premium to the insurance company.

2.The place where the policyholder stays

people who live in areas where the climate is very cold, prone to natural phenomena like the earthquake, lack of food quality will be charged with the high amount of premium.This is also true that if any company records the most unhealthy person in your locality then the company will surely charge high amount of premium to all the person in your locality as this gives an impression to an insurance company that people in your locality are not healthy.

3.Marital status

According to the studies, this is considered that married person is more healthy than a single person and insurance companies also believe that so if you are single then insurance premium will be definitely high for you.although the benefits of this will be enjoyed more by a married man.

4.Taking insurance for the first time

if you are not insured before and going to buy a insurance for the first time then you will pay a large amount of premium to your insurance company.Insurance company thinks that the previously uninsured policyholders are waiting to get coverage for various ailments they assume that after taking insurance these people will go for the checkup of the whole body.Insurance company take all these into their account and accordingly they decide the premium for the policy.

Final words

Now if u have decided to take insurance policy for yourself then you can maintain some of these factors for the less premium of insurance.while some of the factors cant be controlled but some of these factors can be controlled as improving BMI and quitting tobacco will make you pay less amount of premium for your policy.

Now I have given you the detailed description of all the factors which a company will get into their account for calculating your insurance premium but if you have any query then you can comment below in the comment section and I will personally give the solution to your query.If u liked my articles then you can share it with your friends and for more articles follow my website cheapcarinsurancebz.com.