Why you should buy a personal health insurance


Why should you buy a personal health insurance: Many people advise us to buy health insurance but when we ask them why then they do not have the answer to that why?so Today I am writing this article to explain why you should buy a personal health insurance.

In this modern scenario where everyone is cautious to diseases having a personal medical insurance is really a good choice as in the bad time personal health insurance is proved to be a very useful asset.health insurance safeguards you from your personal risks.In the current time of high medical inflammation rate failing to have an adequate amount of health insurance coverage can be proved to a major personal finance disaster.Having a personal insurance can give you a financial help in the bad times and will also give you the better healthcare.

there are two common mistakes that every person make

  1. at initial people don’t buy insurance as they don’t realize the need for the insurance.
  2. when they realize they buy more insurance than their needs.

The popular saying about health insurance is that”Buy health insurance when you don’t buy it, because you may not get it when you want it.so be sure to protect yourself by taking health insurance as soon as possible don’t wait for the bad time to come.even almost every employee of the companies are protected by personal health insurance so why should you not take this.personal health insurance is the best thing which you can buy at a very minimal cost.However, if you think that insurance is not helpful then read these points you will come to know the importance of the personal health insurance.

1.Insurance cover provided by your current insurer.

The insurance provided by your company provides protection from a minimal ailment.so if you are a serious problem then this insurance policy will not be able to provide you better health facility as this insurance will not be able to provide you sufficient money so you should consider buying a personal health insurance policy for yourself.

2.validity of your health insurance provided by your organizations

The validity of your health insurance provided by your organisation is valid only till you work with your organization so this means that when your job period ends then this is sure that your health insurance will also end and if u face bad time under this lifespan then you will have to liquidate your savings in this time.so if you don’t want to face this problem then you should consider buying your personal health insurance it will be valid till the company allows and will also give you more benefit in comparison with the insurance provided by your organization.

3.buy insurance as early as possible

For buying the health insurance young age is considered as best as a young age you will not have to pay large amount of premium and you can also enjoy the benefit of your insurance long time and the cost of premium will be low when you are not suffering from any disease.so you should not wait for your organization insurance policy to end.If you think this will give you benefit then you are definitely wrong as the insurance company will charge you the high amount of premium when you go to buy personal health insurance.buying insurance earlier will also give you the benefit of no claim bonus in case you do not claim any file under your session of the policy.

4.Tax benefit

If you want to save yourself from paying large amount of tax then you can consider buying personal insurance as under section 80D it is clearly mentioned that tax amount will not be taken for the money saved for health assurance and the limit of this amount is up to 15000rs that means you will not need to pay the tax on the sum of Rs 15000 which is a great benefit for everyone so go ahead and buy personal insurance for yourself and also for your family.

Now if you have decided to buy health insurance then you definitely want to know which companies are leader in terms of health insurance which are providing cheap insurance with best benefits so wait for my next article in that article I will be telling you about best insurance companies that give large amount of benefit and better services to their users.If you have any query then comment in the comment section I will provide you with the solution of your query as fast as possible.

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